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Firefox Extensions

MeasureIt screenshot

MeasureIt 0.3.8 MeasureIt

Draw a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels.

Download MeasureIt 0.3.8 (17.9K) »

Instructions for Use

  1. click the MeasureIt button MeasureIt icon in the status bar or toolbar to turn it on/off
  2. click and drag out a ruler box
  3. click and hold to move the ruler box
  4. CTRL + Arrow Keys to nudge ruler by 1 pixel
  5. CTRL + SHIFT + Arrow Keys to nudge ruler by 5 pixels
  6. click the "X" to close that ruler or click outside of it to begin drawing another ruler
  7. ESC key to turn off MeasureIt

Future Features

  • horizontal and vertical center guidelines
  • resizable ruler box
  • different units
  • multiple measurements at once
  • pin measurement boxes to page
  • optional settings (e.g. button location, visibility,background lightening, etc.)
  • option to create box from pointer out in all directions
  • snap to page objects edges
  • scalable ruler units
  • activate in right-click context menu and keyboard shortcut
  • show object (e.g. div, table, img) width on mouseover
  • show grid over page behind MeasureIt ruler box
  • drag-and-drop rather than two click to draw ruler box
  • moveable measurement box
  • fine tune/nudge box with keyboard arrows
  • ESC key turns off MeasureIt

Known Issues (in order of importance)

  1. Jittery artifacts when moving ruler box (Fx 1.5)
  2. MeasureIt does not override general div styles that may be set on webpages (e.g. http://shootout.alioth.debian.org)
  3. when page refreshes, ruler closes yet value still set to "on"
  4. no scrolling individual frames in frameset
  5. flash objects disappear when MeasureIt is activated
  6. proper MeasureIt status shown when toolbar button not being used
  7. prevent nudged or dragged ruler from leaving upper left page bounds
  8. second (y-component) click not calculated correctly scrolled page
  9. toolbar dissappears when second click is too close to right edge of page
  10. add marker showing position of first click
  11. 1px width or height doesn't refresh ruler box or show 1px line
  12. brief flash when large ruler area is changed
  13. ruler button doesn't light up (#fff) when MeasureIt is on
  14. ruler toolbar "X" close button doesn't show depressed state
  15. no ruler ticks showing (ver. 0.2)
  16. ruler doesn't activate on framed site
  17. measureit doesn't work when viewing an image only
  18. multiple measureit boxes and headers can occur
  19. better draggable box accuracy
  20. fixed CSS error with semicolon before "!important" directive (thanks Alfonso!)
  21. tested and updated to work w/Firefox 2

Updated 6/10/2008

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